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  • Sale -Rs 300 Westpoint High Pressure Washer 110BAR WPWA112020B - in Mauritius at best price

    WESTPOINT Westpoint High Pressure Washer 110BAR WPWA112020B

    Westpoint High Pressure Washer 110BAR WPWA112020B The Westpoint high-pressure washer is ideal for cleaning bicycles, garden tools, garden furniture and for normal dirt cleansing around the home. Specifications 110 Bar 2000w High Pressure Trigger Gun 6L/min Auto-Stop Function Black, White Warranty: 1 Year

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Tools & Equipments Mauritius

Shop Power tool kits such as Makita, Ronix, EMTOP, FERM, INGCO, Fixtec, RONIX and many more in Mauritius, among others, can make a variety of tasks that require a lot of physical strength look effortless. If you’ve been planning to buy power tools that are similar to the ones that we’ve mentioned above, then head over to an online shop. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of power tool kits, and you’ll be able to get them at a price that’s within your budget. So, go buy power tools online in Mauritius today!

Tools an Engineer must have -- buy tools online for less struggle

In an increasing digital world, the engineers are less equipped with these mechanic tools to have comfortable use of tools. The list of tools that engineers can’t say no to have in their box as these tools are designed to solve every major household requirements seamlessly. Find the best tool from buy equipment online that solves every purpose with ease and also, make your struggle minimum. For less exhaustion and more work, explore the list of some important tool of the century.


Options for less-struggle – The Essential Tools for incredible Engineering


Circular Saw: The Circular Saw Mauritius helps in cutting materials like metal, wood or other masonry work. The saw can be hand held or just a table saw for the ultimate cut.

Step Ladder: Most step ladders are portable ladders and they provide optimum strength to support the weight and reach to the desired height. The step ladder Mauritius can be stored in any place if it is a hinged design.

Drill: Many engineers consider the drill is the primary tool for every household as it helps to find the perfect drill to make the fitting possible. However, buy the drill from an authentic online equipment shop in Mauritius as there is a wide variety of drills that provide various kinds of speeds, power, and size to fit.

Rotary hammer: The Rotary hammer is considered to be the most powerful tool to make the heavy-duty task possible. The rotary hammer generally applies a piston mechanism.

High-Pressure washer: Presently, the high-pressure washer is the most useful appliance of many households to wash cars, gardens, porches, driveways, lawns, and so on. The high-pressure washer of many types, such as electric pressure washers, electric cold water pressure,  hot water pressure washer, gas-powered pressure washer, and many more.

Grinder: The grinder tool is generally considered to be a heavy-duty engineering tool for abrasive work. The grinders can be of surface grinders, cylinder grinding, special grinding processes, coated grinding, and so on.

Platform Truck: The traditional platform truck is mostly used for carrying a heavy load but with the advent of so many options and technological gradation, the platform deck is designed for better maneuverability. The various types of platform trucks are platform trucks with sides, platform trucks with a top tier, platform trucks with separate bars, hybrid platform models, and many more.

Water Pump: Before you invest in the pump, get the right buy equipment online for home or commercial purposes. The water pump can be of many types, such as Submersible Pumps, Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Pressure Booster Pumps, and so on.

Multi-tool: The multi-tool is a very popular tool that is mostly found in the engineer’s tool case for solving diversified problems. However, the usage of the tool is very important as many don’t know the function of the entire combined and compact tool to carry out the respective job.

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