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  • Sale -5% SPARCO Seat Covers - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Seat Covers

    SPARCO Seat Covers SPECIFICATIONS:   Comfort driven design A driving experience made comfortable and relaxing with added cushioning Quality seat covers to stylishly protect your seats Polyester with 8 mm foam SPARCO print logo on front Universal design to fit most car seats with and without side airbags Anti-fading colouring process that protects and keeps seat covers looking brand new Easy installation with attached stretch chords and S” hooks Machine washable Zipper bag packaging Black/Blue   - SPC1042AZ Black/Red    - SPC1042RS Black/Silver - SPC1042SV

    Rs 2,800Rs 2,660

  • Sale -5% SPARCO PVC CAR MATS 5PCS/SET - in Mauritius at best price


    SPARCO PVC CAR MATS  5PCS/SET Material: PVC Suitable for all seasons. Non-skid backing. Easy to clean. Set includes 2 front mats 2 rear mats and 1 middle mat. Universal shape to fit most cars. With header card+plastic hanger packaging. Dimensions: Front: 68.5 x 43 cm   Middle: 53.4 x 29.7 cm,Rear: 48 x 42.5 cm. Weight: 4.8kgs.  

    Rs 2,200Rs 2,090

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Seat Cover Mesh - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Seat Cover Mesh

    SPARCO Seat Cover Mesh SPECIFICATIONS: 100% polyester + mesh with 5mm foam lamination down the middle. 2 Front + 1 Rear + 5 Head rests. SPARCO embroidery logo on front. Universal design to fit most car seats with and without side airbags. Anti-fading coloring process that keeps seat covers looking bright. Easy installation with attached stretch chords and S' hooks. Machine washable. Zipper bag packaging.   Black and Grey  : SPC1019GR/D Black and Red   : SPC1019RS/D Black and Blue  : SPC1019AZ/D

    Rs 2,800Rs 2,660

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Backrest Ferrara Seat Cushion - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Backrest Ferrara Seat Cushion

    SPARCO Backrest Ferrara Seat Cushion SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Front: PVC double laminated with 0.7cm 25D foam with non-woven. Filling: 140g PP cotton. Backing: brushed fabric single laminated with 0.2cm foam. Provides extra padded comfort. Universal size for all cars. Durable & easy to clean     Blue - SPS414BL Red - SPS414RD Grey- SPS414GR

    Rs 1,900Rs 1,805

  • Sale -4% SPARCO Child Booster - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Child Booster

    Out of stock

    SPARCO Child Booster SPECIFICATIONS:  SPARCO CHILD BOOSTER Booster Group Ⅲ (22-36kgs) 3cm Foam Seat shape corrects lap and should seat belt positions when used with height regulator Cover is super comfortable, washable, and lightweight F100K child retention system is specially designed to allow for children’s growth, suitable for use from 22 to 36 kgs A powerful inner high-resistance structure provides a safe and easy-to-use booster seat Available in a selection of colors Durable Fabrics Washable and durable polyester fabric Powerful Structure Supportive high-performance inner structure creates a safe and easy-to-use booster seat Ergonomic Design Seat shape corrects lap and should seat belt positions when used with height regulator Removable Cover Fabric is easy to remove, wash, and put back on for your convenience Adjustable Locking Seat Belt Clip The crescent hook design protects children’s necks   BLACK/GREY - 00924NRAZ BLACK/BLUE - 00924NRGR

    Out of stock

    Rs 1,450Rs 1,390

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Seat Cover - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Seat Cover

    SPARCO Seat Cover  SPECIFICATIONS: 100% polyester with 8mm foam. PVC with 4mm foam lamination down the middle. Side black polyester laminated with 2mm foam. Universal design to fit most car seat with and without side airbags   Red: SPC3502RD-D Grey: SPC3502GR-D Blue: SPC3502BL-D

    Rs 2,800Rs 2,660

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Car Mat - Carpet + PVC - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Car Mat - Carpet + PVC

    SPECIFICATIONS: Front with SPARCO aluminium heel pad.  450G black carpet car mat.  Suitable for all cars with or withour floor accelerator. Front: 65 x 70cm // Rear: 30 x 40cm  Weight: 2.6kg

    Rs 2,475Rs 2,351

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Car Cover Black PVC Non-PP (Medium) - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Car Cover Black PVC Non-PP (Medium)

    SPECIFICATIONS: Outdoor and indoor use. High quality non-woven material for maximum protection. Best protection for UV Dirt Rain Dust and Scratches. Six sizes that will fit a large range and variety of cars. Light weight -Easy to use and less bulky for compact storage. Soft and Non-abrasive- Will not scratch paint   Dimensions: 457 x 145 x 117 cm

    Rs 3,500Rs 3,325

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Door Sill Set - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Door Sill Set

    SPECIFICATIONS:   New SPC range Made of aluminum Sports design Easy to install 3M Adhesive   SIZES: (1) OPC13130201 - 40MM X 450MM (2) OPC13130301 - 40MM X 605MM

    Rs 800Rs 760

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Car Mat with PVCHeel Pad Black - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Car Mat with PVCHeel Pad Black

    Out of stock

    SPARCO Car Mat with PVCHeel Pad Black SPECIFICATIONS: PVC heel-pad with SPARCO logo on both front mats. Suitable for all seasons. Non-skid backing. Easy to clean. Set includes two font mats and two rear mats. Universal shape to fit most cars. Front: 70 x 48 cm / Rear: 39 x 44cm Weight: 5.15 kgs Colour Black Brand SPARCO Vehicle service type Passenger Car Item dimensions LxWxH 30 x 480 x 700 millimeters Fit type Universal Fit About this item 5pcs/set Universal fit Package Dimensions : 5.0L x 50.0W x 75.0H (Centimetres)  

    Out of stock

    Rs 1,800Rs 1,710

  • Sale -5% SPARCO Pedal Set Aluminium Black - in Mauritius at best price

    SPARCO SPARCO Pedal Set Aluminium Black

    SPECIFICATIONS: Racing style. High quality aluminum material. 3 pcs set for MT cars. Clutch & brake pedals: 80.50 x 55 mm Accelerator Pedal: 115.5 x 55 mm Item weight: 260 grams Easy to install.

    Rs 1,300Rs 1,235

  • Sale -5% SPARCO STEERING WHEEL COVER (SPC1101) - in Mauritius at best price


    SPARCO STEERING WHEEL COVER (SPC1101) Sporty design for more controlled steering Anti-slip for added comfort and grip Diameter: 37 cm/S & 38 cm/M Universal fit Easy installation

    Rs 800Rs 760

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Own the Best Car Accessories and Save extra with our range of offers Car Accessories in Mauritius 

An important addition for every car, the notable Car accessories serve multifold purposes. While many embellishments like mud flaps, seat covers, specialized rims, floor mats, and so on, just need to add extra protection to the important parts and even, enhance the respective aesthetics. There are some other additions that you can try from our car accessories for sale, such as cargo liners and pet barriers to ensure better, smooth and safe travel. According to your personal taste, buy numerous trappings that have their own specific use as well as purpose to add to your desired vehicle and customize it to suit your lifestyle. The preferences and requirement of the user are also very important as it helps to determine the right category from our car accessories for sale to add comfort as well as convenience to the travel routine. Check out the variety of accessories that are available and also categorized under two completely different parts:


The indoor compartment of the car needs many essential things to add-ons and intensifies The design of your car needs upliftment and thus get the right product for your car that encompasses a variety of extensive range of functional products and variety of products for growing needs to maintain the efficiency of your auto. Get the various types of indoor elements such as car seats from our buy car seat online and other range of futuristic products, which are mentioned below:

Windshield Sun Shades

The sunlight can damage the dashboard and also, the discoloration of the seat and other upholstery can occur, and thus, to avoid those inconveniences and damages windshields, block the sunlight with the help of Windshield Sun Shades from entering into the car. The advantages are:

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Warm the interior during winter
  • Cool down your vehicle's interior.
  • Block UV rays
  • Protect your respective electronics from harsh temperatures
  • Prevent your car interior from fading

Car Mats

The interior of a car is always at risk of dust and dirt and dust, and thus to prevent any further stains from spills, or crucial asset, the car mats are very essential. The advantages of getting a car mat are as:

  • Protect your car from stain
  • Preserve the value and aesthetics of the car
  • Choose between the range of material like rubber, carpet or leather
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent measure to trap dirt and moisture

Seat Covers

For your precious car, the exquisite styling and excellent exterior are necessary. Thus, to boast off a great appeal, get the varied car seats and buy car seat online from our My cart store to shield against all odds. To add more fashion and enhance look to the vehicle, get the best cover for your car and know the advantages:

  • To denote extra protection
  • To enhance comfort
  • Get personalize cover-semi-custom, custom fit and universal seat cover
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Skin-friendly

Mobile Holder

While driving, taking calls can be risky. Thus, to hold the mobile for taking calls, or for GPS, get the hold of your mobile phone within the right reach while riding. You won’t need to hold your phone anymore, get the right cell phone holder and steer your phone easily while driving. The advantages are as follows:

  • Attend calls easily through speaker mode
  • Easy music access while driving
  • You can also charge on the go
  • Use the GPS easily
  • Play news, movies etc


To enhance the style of the car, the outdoor automobile add-ons are very necessary to shield the aesthetics of a car. Here are some notable kinds, and they are as follows with advantages.

Car Covers

When parked, a car needs constant protection from harsh weather, like rain, sun, snow or other external factors. Thus, to shield the entire frame of the car, get the right vehicle covers to prevent it from environmental and animal interference.  There are  other  advantages too, and they are:

  • Protection against harsh Wet Weather
  • Protection from UV Rays
  • Keep dirt, pollen, Sap off from the Car's exterior
  • Accidental Damage from People
  • Prevent Wind Damage
  • Protection from animal
  • Car Scraper

Booster Cable

Booster cables are the notable products for your car, as it is practiced to start the vehicle during discharged battery occurrence. This specific equipment is very beneficial for the car owners in situations where the car battery dies suddenly, and is in the emergency demand for electricity. Some notable advantages are:

  • Spark protection
  • More flow of the current
  • Bigger clips

Cleaning Equipment/ Car Vacuums

Since it is a complex process to preserve the car, the car cleaning products are the essential products that can help you to save money as well as time.  By practicing the very own cleaning equipment, you can get rid of the dust particle and other rigid germs.  Buy a useful and functional set of such cleaning products from our car vacuum cleaner Mauritius, and achieve the benefits. There are a number of products, which consist of a microfiber cleansing material, folding bucket, a brush made up of sponge, polyester and washing powder. The user can use and practice anywhere, as it is portable and can be store inside the car for any future purpose. A clean, tidy and dust-free driving experience is quite an overwhelming experience, and thus, with a little help from our site of car vacuum cleaner Mauritius, get the best car vacuum that has got the perfect suction system to do the trick. We provide a range of car vacuum cleaner, and they have got a list of endless features, such as a portable, lightweight vacuum, developed to manage automotive applications effectively while removing dust particles from the car, which are hidden deep depths. A handheld vacuum cleaner is the ideal recommendation for your car, and thus, explore the advantages:

  • Small and could fit inside the pocket
  • Light-weight and on the spot vacuuming
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry around
  • Great solution for quick cleanups
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Easy to maintain with many affordable options

Your vehicles are valued belongings, and you must take special care of them. Maintenance has never been easier, thanks to the different bike care kits that are now accessible online in Mauritius. There is a vast selection of attractive and effective helmets available online, and you may choose the one based on your preferences and compatibility.

The unbreakable and scratch-resistant features ensure that additional support and safety are provided. Spray guns are also available, designed exclusively for washing vehicles and motorcycles. Soft microfiber vehicle washing clothes, which can be used to effectively remove dirt and dust from the surface and make it look brand new, are one of the most popular bike care products available online. All of these products are available for a wide range of brands, and you can easily use the filter option to find the ones that match your vehicle's brand, model name, and year of manufacturing.

Sparco, Trimanav, Softspun, Castrol, Steelbird, HyperOn, etc., are well-known brands offering different types of bike care kits online. So, the next time you need something for your bike, but don't want to step outside, order it online and have it delivered right to your door.


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