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EZVIZ BM1 Battery-Powered Baby Monitor -

EZVIZ BM1 Battery-Powered Baby Monitor

, by Vishal Anand, 7 min reading time

Five reasons why the EZVIZ BM1 is the perfect replacement for your regular baby monitor

This battery-powered beauty is dedicated to keeping an eye on baby

The EVZIZ BM1 is ideal for your smart home

Though you might endeavor to try and keep an eye on your baby around the clock, it’s simply not possible without the help of some dedicated tech.

Given that the first couple of months - okay, years - will see you juggling all your usual tasks around your childcare, as well, stress can be high.

It’s why smart home leader EZVIZ has developed the Baby Monitor 1 - a comprehensive smart device designed with both children and parents in mind.

This is much more than just your regular baby monitor, though, coming packed with AI functions, an all-night battery to power smart alerts and lots of neat design touches that help deliver a complete experience.

Below, we’ll be providing a full overview of the device, giving you five reasons why the BM1 is a superior option to the traditional baby monitor - and also standard indoor smart cameras.

Five reasons why the EZVIZ BM1 is the perfect replacement for your regular baby monitor

1. AI features designed to aid baby safety

It wouldn’t be much of a smart baby monitor without some cutting-edge software features to really revolutionize how you keep an eye on your baby. And, as you would expect, the EZVIZ BM1 comes packed with them.

These are all designed with baby safety in mind, of course, while also delivering benefits to parents or minders.

The first is Crying Detection, which allows the BM1 to report a sudden noise level change in the room it’s situated in. Whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, EZVIZ has made it easy to know exactly when your baby is distressed.

When they are, the Baby Monitor 1 also offers users the option to automatically play soothing music to help calm the child.

The smarts don’t stop there, either. Parents can also set up Out-of-Crib alerts to notify them when their baby isn’t where it should be, while Baby Activity Detection works to recognize actions such as rolling over and moving around the crib once awake.

Having these smart features working in the background helps you build up a clear picture of your baby’s night - whether it’s been stress-free or stressful.

Five reasons why the EZVIZ BM1 is the perfect replacement for your regular baby monitor

2. Dedicated functions to ease the stress of parents

While there are many smart functions that EZVIZ has rightfully focused on regarding baby safety, that doesn’t mean parents aren’t catered for, as well.

With the BM1, there are several features that aim to ease parents’ anxiety.

The 2000mAh, all-night battery is a crucial element in this, naturally, and something that ensures parents can go to sleep safe in the knowledge that their child will be watched over until they themselves wake in the morning.

Failing that, though, the long-lasting battery also enables a couple more parent-friendly features.

One is crystal clear night vision - delivered without the need for a light that could potentially disrupt the baby’s sleep. This means there are no flashing lights or alert lights when you check in on the camera through the EZVIZ smartphone app or a smart display, but you still receive 1080p Full HD.

For when you might want to reassure and comfort your child, two-way talk is also available at any time.

And, speaking of talking, the Baby Monitor 1 can also be integrated into smart home setups like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. For when you want to multitask, you can simply ask your chosen voice assistant to initiate a live feed of what the monitor is capturing.

Five reasons why the EZVIZ BM1 is the perfect replacement for your regular baby monitor

3. Wire-free and able to operate anywhere

Thought for the parents extends to the design of the Baby Monitor 1, too - this isn’t just a smart camera that focuses squarely on function.

For peace of mind, the Baby Monitor 1 is a completely wire-free device, ensuring potentially dangerous cords are well away from your child’s reach.

And this smart, intuitive design is also extremely versatile.

While parents are encouraged to clip the camera to the crib as standard, thanks to the included angle-adjustable bracket, the fact it’s wire-free also means the device can be moved throughout the home - or perhaps even to other homes, if the baby is being taken care of by another family member or friend, or you’re traveling on holiday.

It can quite easily go from being a nighttime companion in a child’s room to being on the road and easing concerns in another destination. It's hassle-free.

Five reasons why the EZVIZ BM1 is the perfect replacement for your regular baby monitor

4. Child-friendly design

While the design offers some obvious benefits for parents, one thing that separates it from a typical standard indoor smart camera is the child-friendly approach to the look and feel of the device.

While traditional smart home gadgets are often quite clinical, the Baby Monitor 1 is designed to act like a toy. It’s made with non-toxic silicone and features no sharp edges that a baby could potentially be harmed by.

It’s also available in two different color options - Peachy Bunny and Aqua Bear - that help you match the device to the child’s space and ease the look of the camera.

Five reasons why the EZVIZ BM1 is the perfect replacement for your regular baby monitor

5. Easy storage and strict data protection

Safety is at the heart of the BM1 - and, given the nature of the device, keeping data captured and shared by the device completely private is paramount.

It’s why EZVIZ uses AES-128 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt data being transmitted over the internet. The former is approved by the National Security Agency to protect secret information, while the latter ensures that any potential hackers are unable to see what is being transmitted - ideal for sensitive information.

Video data transmissions that go between the device, the EZVIZ App and EZVIZ Cloud are all encrypted from end to end to maximize protection.

That doesn’t mean storing or sharing this through traditional means is unsafe, however. Whether you want to store clips locally using the BM1’s 256GB Micro SD card slot or use EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage to save footage to the cloud, you can do so with the knowledge it’s your data to handle.

Through the EZVIZ app, you also get plenty of neat options. You’re able to share videos within a family account (account verification required), zoom into saved clips and easily access and download footage captured in the past.

There are two animal options available for the Baby Monitor 1: peachy bunny and aqua bear. 


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